A couple sketches from the past several months.

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Studio Update

Here are a few images of paintings underway. More soon to come!

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Updates: New work and new page!

Long overdue update to the website has been made! I have added a couple new works to Suburban Landscapes, Rooms, and Paintings and Drawings. I have also added a new page of credit card paintings. The last few years have been tough for my studio practice and career, but I am starting to get back on track. I look forward to sharing more work new work as it comes along and more frequent updates of works in progress.


Shadows/Sidewalk, Acrylic, Credit Card, 2017, 3 3/8 x 2 1/8”


Borders Implied(shadows), Acrylic, Credit Card, 2015, 3 3/8 x 2 1/8”


Breakroom, Couache, collage, 2015, 9 ½ x 4 ½”

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Credit card paintings

New work from the new studio.!


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Facebook Challenge Images

I recently participated in the facebook challenge to post three images of work for five days. Here are a few new images I added.


In The Study… 2014


In the Study…(detail), 2014


Open Lot, 2013/2014


Untitled Credit Card Offer, 2013/2014


Untitled, 2015

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Spookeh 2

New work featured in Spookeh 2 at Jan Brandt Gallery 1106 E Bell Street Bloomington, IL 61701. The opening reception is October 18th starting at 7:00 pm.

The piece featured in the show, In the Study…, is a new room/diorama piece, and the first that I have made in years. It is a start to a new series of work, that I am excited to get under way. I’ll share more photos as things start taking shape. I didn’t have time to document the piece before it was sent off, but I will share any photos from the exhibit that I can.

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2013 Daily Project Posted

The Daily Artwork page has been updated with the rest of 2013’s drawings. At the end of 2013 I moved back to Illinois and changed day jobs. The move put me behind on documenting the daily project quite a bit. Finally I have everything uploaded to the site!


#106 April 16, 2013

The nature of the project allowed me to experiment with ideas and compositions that normally I would be too reserved to try. I always had a new piece to start the next day so I felt I could try any idea that came to mind. While I often reverted to my current body of work exploring suburban landscapes, there were many pieces that were outside of my comfort zone.


#172 June 21, 2013

I took the month of May to make work that was mostly autobiographical. It was a chance to revisit ideas from earlier bodies of work. I hoped to touch upon universal ideas from my personal experience.


#122 May 2, 2013 Coffee for 2

I also took the opportunity to get reacquainted with collage.


#155 June 4, 2013

Using old prints, drawings, and other abandoned projects I explored and expanded my visual vocabulary. I also took a few chances to play with images from comics and magazines. Many times I used images of typical contemporary housing with images of monsters and superheroes to add an element of magic and intrigue to typical suburban housing.

#176 June 25, 2013

#176 June 25, 2013

Playing with these images also allowed me to have more fun with my work, and lead to the series of drawings that close out the project. I decided to use fictional locations as if they were typical subjects in my work. Instead of examining how the elements of suburban landscapes, I turned my concentration to cartoon villages and homes. I didn’t have the same results, and I am still figuring out what this might mean for my work.

#353 December 19, 2013 World 1-1

#353 December 19, 2013 World 1-1

Please check out the rest of the project under Daily Artwork 2013.

Thank you,


Johnny Disco

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Catching up

wpid-wp-1376285377555.jpgI have been trimming drawings today from my daily drawing project. I have kept up on the drawings, but got a little behind on cutting down and scanning the finished drawings. A major update is coming.

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Daily Artwork 2013

I have started a new project for 2013 where I will make a new piece each day for 2013. I have created a new page to archive all of the works, and I will update new entries regularly here. So far January and February have been added, and I will be adding March in the next few days. For more check out the new page Daily Artwork 2013.
Below are a few selected pieces from the project.

#1 January 1, 2013

#1 January 1, 2013

#10 January 10, 2013

#10 January 10, 2013

#15 January 15, 2013

#15 January 15, 2013

#22 January 22, 2013

#22 January 22, 2013



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New Projects for 2013 and the End of 2012

I have been quite busy for the last few months, and I have some work to document from 2012 and an ongoing project that I have begun for 2013! I also recently finished a commission piece that served as an alter piece for a wedding in December. I am including a snapshot of it, and will try to get a better photo of the piece in its natural environment when I get a chance to see it. The second piece is a gift put together using parts from the alter piece.DSCF7138 - Copy

Alter Piece for David and Gypsy 12.22.2012

small bonus - Copy

David and Gypsy 12.22.2012

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